Clay Pigeon Shooting, Brighton

Never tried shooting before our have a go session is the perfect choice for you. Choose from our 25, 35 or 50 clay shooting experience package.


Air Rifle Shooting, Brighton

Wondering if you have what it takes to be a sniper? Try your skills out on our Air Rifle range.


Axe Throwing, Brighton

On the axe throwing range we 'aim' to give you a diverse and unique experience. We have over 10 individual targets set up to take a variety of axes and knives.


Archery, Brighton

Fancy yourself as the next Katniss or Legolas, well we have just the thing for you. Visit our archery range today and shoot at a variety of target faces using our recurve bows.

Our Activities

Clay Shooting

If you fancy having a go at Clay Shooting, we believe Polowood is the place to go.

We cater for people who have never shot before, along with those who have limited experience and would like to progress further. We have a selection of shooting packages which you can choose from, each offering a variety of targets and a selection of guns to try.

The session starts with a safety demonstration from our CPSA qualified instructors. They will be on hand to offer you advice and guidance throughout.

As the sessions progress, so does the difficulty of the targets. We finish off with a completion on our paired targets.

Clay Shooting - 25 Clays
Clay Shooting - 35 Clays
Clay Shooting - 50 Clays

Air Rifle Shooting

Wondering if you have what it takes to be a sniper? Try your skills out on our Air Rifle range in Brighton.

The session begins with a short safety induction from one of our onsite instructors. After this, you will have your turn with one of our 22 rifles. You can shoot from our seated area at targets from a distance of 10 to 30 metres away.

Air Rifle Shooting Details

All of our rifles have a fitted scope to assist you with your shooting. We also have a variety of targets including self-resetting, animal faced and Bisley targets.

Air Rifles - One Hour
Air Rifles - Two Hours


Fancy yourself as the next Katniss or Legolas? Well, we have just the thing for you.

Located in the centre of our grounds, our archery range can accommodate 15 plus targets from standard target faces all the way through to dartboard faces. We also have a few 3-D targets available to aim at. Seeing our foam Meerkat take an arrow to the face and then get back up ready for another one is a delight to see!

About The Sessions

The sessions start with a safety brief from a GNAS or Archery GB qualified instructor and then we let the arrows fly. Sessions normally start from 10 metres back. However, as the session progresses so does the distance, reaching up to 30 metres.

We have plenty of options for different games to play. Alternatively,  you can just focus on the Gold in preparation for the competition at the end of the session. We have standard re-curve bows for the adults and for kids smaller traditional bows. You get to shoot as many arrows as you can in the allotted time. With a large selection of bows, your group can all shoot at the same time.

Archery - One Hour
Archery - Two Hours

Axe Throwing

On the axe throwing range we ‘aim’ to give you a diverse and unique experience. We have over 10 individual targets set up to take standard Tomahawk Axes for precision throws all the way through to heavy double headed Spartan Axes for a more warrior-like feel.

Axe throwing in general is a huge and varied sport. As a result, it allows you to get a good feel for the various implements that can be thrown. We have a alrge range including small ninja axes, 2 styles of throwing knives, 2 styles of throwing torpedo’s, Bear Grills hunting axes, hammer head axes, fireman axes, 2 styles of tomahawk axes, ice pickaxes, and of course 2 styles of the large double handed axes available for you to master.

About the Activity

Your time on the range will be run as a have a go session. During this, you will get to try all of them out. If you have a particular interest and if discussed with the instructor on the day, you could possibly focus on one particular area. A competition will be held at the end to see who can stick 5 of their favourite axes in targets. This will get smaller as you progress.

Axe Throwing - One Hour
Axe Throwing - Two Hours

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